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0943-76-98829:00 ~ 18:30

〒839-1321 Fukuoka City 1302, Yoshiimachi

Immerse yourself in the activities of Ukiha,
supported by water
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A place to weave the “stories” and “craftsmanship” of Ukiha


Since ancient times, Ukiha City has harnessed the power of the plentiful, pristine groundwater flowing from the mountains around it and the great Chikugo River—the longest in Kyushu.

We offer a chance to stay and immerse yourself in Ukiha City's liveliness, born from the water that supports it.

Take in Ukiha City's story, which revolves around the water it has benefitted from, and the crafting that originates from that relationship.

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The Chikugo-Yoshii Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings houses the part of the city that has existed since the Edo period,
preserving it in its beautiful Meiji-to-Taisho-period state.

Housed in the area lined with massive white-walled storehouses, this hotel meshes Ukiha City's past and present.


Drink in the blessings of Ukiha City fostered by nature and its people,
supported by the fertile soil and terrain and the knowledge of the ancestors
who put the area's bountiful groundwater.


Ukiha City's abundant food resources enable most of the ingredients in the foods eaten to be locally produced and consumed.
This includes vegetables and fruits, rice and wheat, soybeans and eggs, milk and tea, vinegar and miso, and more.
The flavors in our breakfasts are tailored to showcase the region, grown with the producers' love and the power of the land. They'll get your day off to a lively start.


Ukiha City's story and craft have continued uninterrupted for a very long time.

The landscape and experiences here,
interwoven with the people and things, land and nature, and history and culture,
will bring out the sensibility that you tuck away in your daily life.

You can feel the scenery, reminiscent of the past,
alongside a new way of living

Visit Ukiha City's large forests to get your fill of forest bathing, and feel at one with nature while taking in its mountain views.
The city also has views that give you a taste of the lifestyle there, from the streets lined with historic white-walled buildings to the food resources curated with reliable technology and passion, and more.
Each individual piece has its own meaning, and they form the lifestyle of the area.
Spending time sensing, seeing, touching, and tasting these pieces is a chance to think deeply about how peoples' lives connect through the past, present, and future.


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