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0943-76-98829:00 ~ 18:30

〒839-1321 Fukuoka City 1302, Yoshiimachi

Usui Residence103碓井邸103Immerse yourself in the Sound

Talk at leisure with your loved ones under the high ceilings.
Get lost in your favorite music alone in this small room with a raised tatami floor.
Immerse yourself in the sound of spending your time as you like.

Usui Residence

This is the area's only wooden building with dark gray plaster, tucked away in the charming streets lined with white-walled buildings. Four rooms featuring different designs are available in this over-100-year-old building that was originally the residence of a great landowner who made a living through canola oil and vegetable wax.

Usui Residence
About Room
Number of roomsArea
3 rooms (Japanese-and-Western style maisonette)
4 people (maximum 4 adults)
Bath and toilet
Japanese cypress wood bathtub, separate toilet
Equipped with
Air conditioner / Bidet toilet / Refrigerator / Electric kettle / Hair dryer / Records / Record player / Stereo / Slippers / Loungewear / Glasses and teacups / Small plates / Drip coffee bags / Tea bags / Mineral water / Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Check-in / 15:00  
Check-out / 11:00

※We ask that you check in by 6:30 p.m. If you will arrive late, please call us.
※There is free Wi-Fi throughout the building. Smoking is prohibited inside the building.


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